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Scapp Executable Runtime

scapp[.exe] is Sciter engine packaged as a standlone executable.

While it uses the same Sciter engine as embeddable sciter.dll(.so,.dylib) it has some differences.

One of major differences is that scapp supports "assembly" mode: UI resources (html,css,js and image files) can be packaged and appended to the scapp.exe. This allows to generate (assemble) standalone executables - monolithitic executables without external dependencies. Such assembly support enables Sciter.Quark functionality.

Scapp startup sequences

Original scapp.exe

Original scapp.exe can be started as with as without parameters:

> scapp.exe [filename] [--debug]

If filename is given then it shall be either .htm or .html to run that file in html window mode. If the file has .js extension then it gets run in bootstrap mode.

If no filename is provided then the runtime looks for the following files in the same folder where scapp.exe is located.

  1. run.js - this file is used to run application in bootstrap mode;
  2. scapp.htm[l]
  3. main.htm[l]
  4. index.htm[l] - first matching file will be used to create HTML window.

Assembled yourname.exe

Executables that are assembled from scapp.exe by the Quark use attached resource package to run.

Scapp runtime looks for the following files at root of the packaged folder:

  1. /run.js - bootstrap mode execution;
  2. /index.htm - HTML window execution;
  3. /main.htm - HTML window execution.

First found file (in that order) is used to run the application.

Url of the startup file is set to be "this://app/" + file.ext

If neither of these files are found in the attached package the runtime performs original steps as above.