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What Reactor is

Reactor is just these three features:

  • Native support of JSX by script compiler. JSX syntax and expressions are integral parts of JavaScript in Sciter.
  • Native implementation of real DOM / virtual DOM reconciliation. element.patch(jsx-expression) takes the vdom (JSX expression) and modifies DOM according to the JSX expression.

What Reactor is not

  • Reactor is not a framework or a library. It is just a built-in set of features of SciterJS

Hello World

The smallest Sciter's Reactor example:

document.body.patch(<body>Hello, world!</body>);

As you would expect, execution of this line will produce this DOM structure:

Hello, world!

Script expression <body>Hello, world!</body> here is a JSX literal.

Note: you do not need any external pre-compilers to run this code - JSX is an integral part of SciterJS.

If Reactor is just a set of features ...

Then it means that you can use these features not just for ReactJS alike cases.

JSX, for example, can be used in cases where you need to populate existing DOM.

For example you can call element.append(<li>new list item</li>) to add new item to a list.

Sciter::Reactor and Facebook::ReactJS

Sciter's Reactor uses roughly the same set of idioms and ideas as ReactJS.

But Facebook::ReactJS is a JavaScript library and SciterJS::Reactor is a native implementation of just two things : JSX and element.patch(). Surprisingly that is all that needed to achieve almost all functionality of ReactJS in SciterJS.

Further reading